Why do some of your pieces say "Continue reading on DreamCruder"?
While TIMM was originally intended to house all of my writing, unfortunately, not all of my work is suitable for all ages. Using the Blogger engine, I cannot set tangible Mature Content warnings on specific pieces; it's all or none.

I have regretfully then made the decision to better protect myself from potential repercussions by moving my mature work elsewhere. They're still on Blogger, they're still in my network, and you can still use your old links to reach them. All that's changed is that you have to pass through a confirmation page that says you accept responsibility for viewing mature content.

If there wasn't a real risk of negative repercussions of having my mature art sitting right next to my suitable-for-all-ages content, I wouldn't feel I have to do this, and I apologise for the inconvenience.

Have any more questions? Email me at timm@drcl.info

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