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I do my best to maintain all the various memberships I hold around the web, but neither do I hold myself back from joining new ones that I may only use for a short while. I find no shame in self-promotion, using forums and art communities to draw traffic into the places where my best work is posted. It's no different than paying for advertising, if less financially costly, but more involved and time-costly.

DreamClassier is at the top of my list these days, and I shall abstain from posting a link, because you're already here.

My tumblr account is also under the name of DreamClassier, because everything I post here appears there in the micro-blog-verse with a link to read more.

I do have a account, though the site is currently in closed-beta, so you need an account to participate.

Social Networking
For the most part, these days, my active social networking happens on Scuttlebutt.

My other social networking sites are used primarily as feed-receivers for the RSS feeds of my blogs and internet activity, and those accounts can be found below:

DreamClassier is on Facebook, twitter, and reddit.

DreamC Network is on twitter, and the account receives updates from all of my blogs, including DreamClassier, This Is My Magic (TIMM), and my NSFW content, as well as periodic quotations (containing no links to content) from my work to stay within twitter's content guidelines. There is also a Discord for DreamC, but it is not currently receiving updates due to the RSS bot we were using being discontinued, and not yet locating a suitable replacement.

Art Communities
I have accounts on all of the following art communities, but none of them are often used or well-maintained.
Last updated: 2019-03-07

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