Monday, November 22, 2021

Seasonal Prayer

As I discovered last year there's a dearth of prayers for autumn, and particularly thanksgiving, without getting too religious in one direction or another.

As I am generally the person in my family responsible for bringing the thanksgiving prayer (and one of the few non-Christian members of the family), I decided it was worth the effort of writing something for myself that could be used as such a prayer.

good morning to the violets
who usher in the spring
who defy lingering frost
while winter still clings

good day to the hibiscus
whose midsummer blooms
hearken hummers and flutters
while the peak of heat looms

good evening to the marigolds
in the nigh frosty air
hold your tea a little tighter
while winter beckons near

good night to the witch hazel
and tuck the year into bed
spring will return soon enough
and the day begin again

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