Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Day 6 / 1041

It's curious that I take such care in dating my work. Except when I make it clear, none of my readers seem capable of telling when I take a break from writing, just as they cannot tell thedifference between writing inspired and writing forced.

I suspect even I would have trouble drawing the lines once enough time has passed pn the former, since I have long since proven it os often--but not always--true for the latter.

So then the question remains: Why?

For one, it makes it easier for me to see how my writing style has changed or grown.

For another, it helps reassure me that time passes while I write.

Still further, I like to know what things I wrote together, even as they may appear in different place, on different matters. Though I may write many subjects over the course of a day, the only thing that exerts a significant change on my style and rhythms is an uproarious alteration to my mood or mental state. If I cared to, I could use my writing to track them.

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