Sunday, October 3, 2021

Day 4 / 1600

silence reins supreme. It calls to us to fill it when the air feels vacant and cold, but only in the emptiness does the simple spark of creativity shine the brightest.


(I'm tired, mostly because I'm hungry, cold, bored, and comfortable. The rain has been falling in earnest for a while now, and is showing no signs of abating. The weather report and the radar agree--it will rain for a while longer yet.

Fortunately, I have my notebook, I have a couple pens, my phone is close to fully charged and I have a battery that's about half-full. As long as I can avoid depending entirely on my phone for entertainment, I should come out the other side of the storm with power to spare.

I am still dry, at least for the time being, and as long as I can stay that was, I will hunker here in my hammock for as long as I can manage.)

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