Saturday, October 2, 2021

Day 3 / 1712

and when the deepest, darkest reaches of the cave were all that remained to be inhabited, there too we went. Starlight knew nothing of such depths, but when the glow of our passing torches had faded, the tunnel knew its own brilliance; phosphorescence bloomed on the walls that only those unafraid of the cloying murk ever saw... and it would be that glow that showed us the way.

Whether I fell behind or was left behind, I shall never know, but all too soon my torch sputtered and died. Panic rose as the darkness crept in, and my eyes shut of their own accord to sheild me from the only monsters that inhabited such deep shadows--the ones I had brought with me.

A single moment of weakness wrenched them open again when I was so certain I felt heaving breath on my neck...and only thus did I behold such splendor that I hadn't dared dream before or since:

The cave had come alive in a starstruck array of blues and greens. Every hue of lichen I had never experienced coated the walls and ceiling of that place. Everything, but for one place, that where an archways was found engraved into the stone, as if a passage could be found, though it had not yet come into being. I beheld that place, dredging up long, lost, nearly forgotten dreams... once, I saw a grand, glowing city... once, I knew someone who sought to know me, and hold me tight... once, I knew the way and possessed a key... once, I let myself believe was merely a dream, and, as all dreams must, I let it fade.

and before I could tell myself where I had hidden that key, torchlight bloomed down the way, and I was drowned in the company of others who had never felt the power of such dreams.

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