Monday, June 21, 2021


I can automate things
but I can't automate myself,
stepping on uneven ground,
harming my health.

I can make numbers dance
but I can't keep a beat.
walk steadily on,
striding down the street.

I can explain things
that I don't fully understand,
but I can't be original,
I can't make good plans.

I can spin a tale,
but I can't sell a word:
people don't want to listen
when they want to be heard.

I can befriend you online,
but I can't get a date;
too many options
makes me feel second rate.

I can be good enough,
but I can't beat the rest;
they expect perfection,
I'm not even second best.

I can do a lot of things,
and I can do them well,
but everyone wants an expert...
not an amateur show and tell.

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