Friday, June 4, 2021



not my colors
but I still show my pride,
they're OUR colors
and I'm not gonna hide:


for the freedoms that
the whole spectrum should share,
for the welcomes that
are too often impaired,


for the knowledge that
we all deserve to be loved,
for the promise that
our best IS good enough,


for the hope that
tomorrow will still come,
for the prayer that
this work might get done,


for the belief that
we're humans, one and all,
that we stand together
and we stand tall.


Yes, I know there are specific meanings to each of the colors and they don't line up with my stanzas. As per my last three poems, I needed a way to integrate the colors of the flag of choice (and the pattern of hair ties I wore on each particular day) into the lines of the poem. But with the rallying-cry-tone of this particular piece, they just weren't going to fit in-line. I also know the dark colors are hard to see with the grey/black background; if you can suggest a solution that doesn't look completely terrible, I'll give you a free poem request (which is a step above just a mere suggestion) to be redeemed when Pride month is over.


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