Thursday, May 27, 2021


The only thing I can do
to change the world is vote
but it doesn't matter who I vote for
because we still end up
with a politician.


there's a city near me
sacked with sanctions by the state
for having insufficient
"affordable housing".
there's a new housing project
just spinning up
and the city has no plans
on making it affordable.
there's a punishment
that's ineffective:
they dodge the cost by
passing it to their residents.
there's the problem:
we pay for something
we have no say in.
we are powerless.

there's acres of warehouses
empty, unfurnished,
but not abandoned.
built and never filled.
there's acres of land
all for sale, all for sale,
but zoned for agri,
comm, light indus...
there's miles and miles
of roads of houses,
mcmansions laid out
like stamp collections.
there's me, who wants
to live sustainably,
but the selfishness of others
means I can't.

there's only so many
hours in a week,
paid fifteen an hour
and I can't afford...
there's a world
around me,
and I can't afford
to leave.
there's so much
around me,
and I can't afford
to stay.
I can

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