Tuesday, May 25, 2021


wipe my brow with sweated rust
--tempered blow and heated blush--
water flows and drink and guzz-

-led slurping down my throat
scream and scream and scream and bloat.
I cannot breathe. I cannot go

wash the falling tears away.
I have too much reason to stay.
I have too much reason to stay.

slay the beast and stay the blow,
kiss the snake and mirror glow
and open... and see... and know.

eight round table gather,
but only seven matter,
put the apple upon your platter.

as above and so below,
hold your towel, hold and slow,
answers only, questions no.

whirring and escape your life,
experience another's strife,
intervene and return in time.

burn the metal and see the light,
blessed fortune sought in the night
and fog... try to do what's right.

lost in the space between the stars,
brown and strong and traveling far,
and never lose your free heart.

drown yourself in the green
where nothing's as it seems.
is humankind the losing team?

beneath the cloak, smile widens,
hidden heart and bold defiance,
whisper lantern and friar's alliance.

dragon's egg and dragon's breath,
hunker down and fortress nest,
bold and strong, weak and rest.

journey lost and far and wide,
no where home to rest your hide,
save the world, but lose your mind.

names are overrated anyway,
though the past may change yesterday,
tomorrow is your play.

be what you aren't. try
to stand up high. fly
like a lizard or... die.

drive past the end of the road,
go where nobody dares to go,
flee everything, flee tomorrow.

Answer Key:
1 enders game
2 seven eves
3 hitchhikers
4 dr who
5 mistborn
6 firefly
7 killjoys
8 finci
9 minecraft
10 socrates cavern
11 nobody's son
12 mulan
13 skyway

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