Monday, May 3, 2021


Mature Content
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if I wanted to be the good guy,
the vanilla, mainline, mundane,
I would have proposed to my high school sweetheart,
but she died before we got a second chance.
and we were both too young,
not that anyone's counting
(two years and fifty-one weeks
(except on leap years)
behind me).

I'm searching for something
I can't ...reach.

scared me when I was young.
but today I'm one of three
and researching two of three
but I'll never be three...

I'm searching for something
I ...can't reach.

too many tries that ended in pain,
everywhichway still ended the same.
so took a break and the break turned to years...

I'm searching for something
...I can't reach

if demons were real,
if I could trade every remaining year
for one night that blows my mind
I'd do it

I'm searching for...

but the devil won't take my calls
so I'm just drifting...

I'm searching...
for something to be.

Italics from "Ghost" by Halsey

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