Saturday, May 1, 2021


thirty days hath september,
june, and november...
and april sure is true--
but what if it didn't have to?

so many things we try to remember,
every month, jan to december,
everything we honor, everything we do--
but month's end doesn't mean it's through.

mathematics and statistics,
Arab heritage and assault awareness,
prevent child abuse, autism, parkinson's,
all suffer from evanescence.

and even may's got some too,
mental health and for the Jew-
-ish heritage we should embrace...
but one short month is just a taste.

so april may have come to an end,
but it's motives continue to rend;
all still fighting to be seen the same
even if a month doesn't bear cause your name.

so here's the change I foretold:
setting weekly blogs on hold,
still writing, just now in verse,
31+ days endured.

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