Wednesday, February 24, 2021

From the Memories of Callidus Igni

This memory takes place between 20210211 and 20210223.

"But he's only human!"

"Are you sure?"

"I know he plays as a wisp, but he is just human underneath, even if he never breaks character."

"If you're so sure, you go tell him that." The speaker shoved the other in front of him, and out of the shadows.

"Ah, shi--"

Silence fell, and nothing happened for several long moments, before the murky glow of a lantern pierced the darkness.

"Please, please, please..."

A quiet voice reached out. It didn't care for your begging. It didn't care for your gold. It only thirsted for your soul.


Igni ran a broadside on the night, and all the stories came crashing down. The players quaked in their boots, the NPCs shied away from the tide, and the storytellers found themselves lost. It was a Reckoning.

When the night grew darkest and the sun threatened to rise, the woods were nearly empty. Even the few with no souls to be stolen fled the forest. Only then did that consuming fire build his altar, from the sweat and tears and workings of all he had feasted upon.

One more soul was needed.

One soul.

One soul to be sacrificed upon the altar, and that soul would find no peace, here or hereafter, when the rite was complete.

Igni licked his lips and whispered one name to the silence, claiming the soul from the night.

"Ody... Narkis..."


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