Friday, July 24, 2020

Townscape & Write: Early Beginnings (Text)

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Trevor was the first to arrive. He was the lighthouse keeper, so it was only fitting. The builders had left everything dark, which rather ruins to point of having a beacon to guide people home. Before he settled in, carrying his meager possessions in from his boat, a small thing, to his new cottage, he looked over the generators, set them spinning, and switched on the lights.

Charlie came while Trevor was still trucking his luggage from the dock. Charlie would be their stevedore, and while the boat he came on was rather larger, it wasn't his. Charlie piled all his belongings at the end of the dock, waved goodbye to the boat as it trundled away again, and accepted a helping hand loading his gear onto a couple of the carts he'd brought along. Charlie was moving in to the first cottage, a small purple thing right next to the dock. But instead of settling in, he dumped his luggage just inside the doorway, and returned to the dock, awaiting the next people to arrive.

Sylvia and her family had a great big bundle of luggage, as befits any mother and her children. She'd be opening a small shop on First Street, containing knickknacks for visitors and newspapers for locals. It took Charlie and Trevor two trips with a train of carts to move her luggage. They shared a knowing smile--these children would soon enough have their hands full of all the things there would be to do on the island, not the least of which was helping their mother in the shop. The toys would inevitably forgotten, even come a rainy day.

John and his husband were fishermen. They came on their own boat, which looked at first glance to be too small to provide any useful degree of food for the island, but she was stouter than she looked, trundling along the waterfront with a cough of dark smoke.

Sasha was moving into the large pink house. She would be the resident horticulturist. Her burgeoning house had two small apartments in the back. For the time being, they lay empty, though should she find an apprentice or two, their families would have convenient room and board.

The last cottage on the left would be reserved for their resident mayor and their staff, if they should ever arrive, though the day was growing dark and heavy clouds were moving in. Trevor finally settled in to his tower, while Charlie kept an eye out, sitting on his porch and whittling on a small scrap of driftwood.

Eventually, he drifted off, and slept undisturbed in the peace and the quiet of his new home.