Saturday, February 15, 2020

Untitled (15 Feb 2020)

Sometimes I use color to demote different voices, but not everybody can see color changes, so when I have the freedom and available formatting to do something different, I will.

This time, I did something different. One voice always speaks at odd numbered timestamps, the other only at even numbered ones. 

Mature Content

1241> hey, I noticed from one of your posts that you may be in the [redacted] area. any interest in playing with a late-20s fit white male?

1428> depends what kind of play you're looking for.

1951> honestly, I'd go for just about anything. I'm vers. you?

1954> vers too, but presenting as ace right now. looking for platonic stuff. no sex or romance.

1957> what are you looking for?

2112> cuddling, non-sex little/big, could go for a bit of primal play even.

2113> I'm not really a little.

2115> are you?

2122> sometimes.

2123> what about right now?

2128> yes.

2129> so you want, what? hugging? spooning? being held? possibly a little wrestling?

2142> wouldn't be against having my hair played with, but yes, yes, yes.

2143> but no sex

2146> no sex. nothing against arousal or attraction, I'm just not into that kind of release right now.

2147> can we meet somewhere?

2210> neutral ground first.

2211> where?