Friday, December 20, 2019

LDR: Bad Finite Query (Kabla)

She walked through worlds. Every step took her from one vista to the next, seven or seventy or seven thousand leagues to a stride, and when the distance bore down on her, one mere step backwards took her back to where she started. One small step, and she was aboard her ship once more.

But whatever she saw, whatever she touched... it sometimes followed her home.


Something was falling from the sky. Kabla could smell blood and smoke on the air as she opened the loading bay doors. Grey strings fell from the sky, and when she reached out to touch one, it burned her fingers. She jerked back her hand, slammed her palm on the control panel, and retreated to the medical bay as the doors trundled shut.

Linzamin found her there, tending to the wound.

"Thread has come."

"Thread? What is that?"

"Thread is orgasm in the sky. It rains fire and pain on the world, scorching all life."

"My ship?"

"Metal, plastic, glass, water, rock, fire. This you find safe. Some cows lucky, not all."

"Where did it come from?"



"Retter gave me library, bade me use fiction to find truth."

"What truth?"

"My truth."

"Your... wait. It's you, your species... Your form is frightening to my kind?"

Lin smiled.

"Can I see you?"

Lin frowned.

" I'm not ready, I guess. So you're going to tell-- well, show us a story, let us live through a story, and through it, we'll need something in your form to come out the other side. What did the story the... Thread? What did the original use?"


"Ah. Do you need me to proofread it for you?"

Linzamin shook her head. "The book show the way. Be you careful. Not god, yes?"

"God's proofreader. I will be careful. Thanks for the boots."

Lin smiled, and walked away. A few minutes later, the Threadfall abated, and ash stirred the fields before the bay. A couple of cows swatted drifting debris with their tails, laying beneath the extenders. They looked placidly back at her, munching on what sparse patches of grass survived.

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