Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Untitled (16 July 2019)

waves and rain,
drizzle on my head,
a long smooth paddle,
forest, fog, peace


connections made and friendships forged,
advice given and tech support,
photos taken and shared abroad,
    ...  go home and we've nothing to talk about.

Halleck Point, AK

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Untitled (13 July 2019)

too many blues to name,
turquoise waters and seafoam same,
crystal clarity of ice afloat,
low-hang clouds drifting about,

and green of the lichen
and sparse stubby trees,
precariously clinging
where life isn't eas',

and the foreboding faces
of stone shaded greys
entrapping and catching
cotton in their wake,

and the rare heartbeat
struggling to get by
as the bergs calve
and we warm up the sky.

Tracy Arm, AK

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Untitled (10 July 2019)

it's not silence but peace of mind
the world's still spinning but stationary inside
    not clamoring on the walls trying to get out
just letting it happen...           freedom will out.


let go of what you cannot see;
the sky,
the water,
the mountains,
the trees,
the mist,
the blue,
the green,
      and breathe...


fall into the sky...
release your toes burrowing in the muck,
ignore inner demons muttering inconsequential things,
   you cannot fly, you cannot fall,
   which is up, which is down,
   and trapped standing on the ------
fall       into       the       sky

Rudyerd Bay, AK

Untitled (10 July 2019)

sullen, shallow ripples
from the wake and the rise
stillness shattered by nothing
peace rising inside

distance is all too deceptive
a trick played on the eyes
fingers trail in the water
reaching outside my mind

floating and adrift
paddles balanced high
as in space as in water
open my wings and fly.

Rudyerd Bay, AK