Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Upgrade, a conversation

R has logged on.

R: What did you do?

D: What are you talking about?

R: My house was just broken into.

D: What? What are you doing chatting with me? Get the cops involved.

R: They already are. But nothing was stolen.

D: Are you sure?

R: Positive. 

D: So you scared whomever it was off before they could grab anything.

R: No, they were gone before we got back.

D: So something else spooked them. What's your worry? Besides now knowing your house is a target. Or was. Probably will be extra patrols past your house for the next few weeks, so it's actually less of a target.

R: But there's something wrong with my computer.

D: What are you talking about?

R: It sounds different, when it's running. And I'm not having internet problems anymore.

D: Let me get this straight...

R: Yes, I think someone broke into my house and upgraded my computer.


R: It's not funny!

D: Yes it is!

D: Did you get a different case?

D: Maybe it just got tuned.

D: I don't know.

D: Why would someone do that?

R: Last month you asked me what my computer case looked like.

R: Why did you want to know?

D: What?

R: I'm really freaking out right now.

D: I. Didn't. Do. Anything.

D: You've known me for how long? Years. Probably so long you don't even remember how long we've known each other. Hard to remember how we met too.

R: Something to do with devart.

D: Okay, that's not very specific, but anyway.

D: I've helped you manage your website and your domain name. You've given me access to your accounts, you clearly trust me.

R: Temporary access. And changed the password afterward.

D: Yeah, I know, but you still gave me access for a short time in the first place. How many people do you let access any of your accounts for a few minutes, even when you're looking over their shoulder?

R: None

D: So you trust me.

R: Yes.

D: So when I tell you I didn't mess with your computer...

R: I believe you.

R: It's just weird.

D: So what happened to your computer?

R: The internet isn't giving me problems any more. The case looks cleaner.

D: Your internet is fixed and your case is cleaner. That's it?

R: That's all I can see.

R: Okay, for all the advice about computers you've given me, tell me this: how can I check to see if the guts are different, without opening it up?

D: Hmm...

D: Okay, yeah, I can work with that. Really easy too.

R: What?

D: Load up Minecraft.

R: What?

D: You've had problems running it in the past, problems you associated with your computer hardware not being able to keep up. If you run it now, and it doesn't have problems, you got an upgrade.

D: Kinda wish someone would break into my place and upgrade mine. I still haven't fixed the motherboard.

R: What's wrong with your motherboard?

D: Connection issues with the USB ports caused by tripping over my mouse cord and yanking on it.

D: You know that sound when you plug or unplug a device from your computer?

D: I get that from moving my mouse around.

R: It's running.

D: Your mouse?

R: No, Minecraft.

D: Are you on a server or local save?

R: Local save. J's server seems to be down.

D: Yeah, it's been like that for a while. I check in every few weeks.

D: Try a server.

R: I don't have any other servers.

D: Okay, hold on... [link]

D: Sign up through that link, give it your account info, it'll whitelist you.

R: What is that?

D: Creative build server for one of the youtubers I follow. 

D: Should give you easy instructions to get on.

D: I'll get mine started.

R: I'm in.

D: What?

R: I'm in.

D: Okay, now I'm seriously jealous. I can't connect that quickly.

R: Wow, now I really believe you.

R: I have to go.

D: What, you didn't before?

D: ok

R: ttyl

D: ttfn

R has logged off.

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