Saturday, January 26, 2019


A darkly stained cabinet; walnut.
A teapot, ceramic; clean but used.
A shrine; meditative, calming.
A drawer; overflowing with tea.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Untitled (17 January 2019)

I still hear you in the breeze
See your shadows in the trees
Holding on, memories never change

 - "Monody" by TheFatRat

I want to take you and show you heaven, my heaven. It's a real place, somewhere you can visit for an afternoon or a weekend. You can go and sit on the edge of the world, watch eagles climb thermals and dive for their dinner. You can sleep among the trees and watch the sun set through the leaves.

I want to take you and show you heaven. I have a second kit you can use. I'll provide shelter from the storm, fire for your meals, and directions to show you the way.

I want to take you and show you heaven. You'll need to bring blankets and food.

I want to take you and show you heaven, my heaven. There's no stairs in the way. I want to share the green waves and deep bottomless sky. I want to return to where I meditate all day.

Mirrored on Pillowfort
Mirrored on Manyverse

Monday, January 7, 2019


Feie in the morning,
his feet worn and dried,
calloused from the walking,
swollen from the pride.

Feie in the daytime,
his feet sore and raw,
resting on the roots
napping against yew.

Feie in the after,
his feet like hardened stone,
numb and bruised and shaking,
but does not walk alone.

Feie in the nighttime,
his feet standing strong,
his eyes lifting upward,
his heart filled with song.

Feie travels lightly,
his bag almost bare,
no rations packed inside,
food in the forest there,

just some old straw,
wrappings for his feet,
a blanket for the chill,
a rod for his fete.

Feie walks hither
not aimlessly to yon,
obeisance is owed
to whom he calls gods.