Sunday, September 30, 2018

Untitled (30 September 2018)

They took my invitation at the door and invited me to pull my hood up to drop shadows down my face. I stepped inside.

The hall was all dark wood, and from what I could see from the foyer, the trend continued up the rest of the house. A tall man nodded to me and shook my hand, his palm a sharp pink contrast to the chocolately brownness of the rest of him that I could see.

"Be welcome in the house," he offered, the timbre of his voice resonating in the entryway. "All rooms are open to you, as long as you have the stomach to walk through their doors. We hope you enjoy your stay."

What I came looking for was hidden in a mirror, that's all I knew. Given the demons I expected to find in this place, gateway should be in no particular shortage.