Sunday, June 10, 2018

dine and dash

let someone in and don't think twice
get good referrals that he'll play nice
take out the trash, watch the pups for a turn
leave things looking nice on return

give him the keys to the castle and code to the door
introduce him to family and neighbor
fail his paperwork and simple rules
and decide when it's done not to pay the dues

let someone in and then lock him out
fail to see what it's about
you used a service and skipped on the bill...
...but he knows where to find the till.

Monday, June 4, 2018

specifically me

I go out and find
games you like to play,
even when my interests
don't quite run that way.

I don't mind being rubbish,
I don't mind feeling lost,
I don't mind being carried,
I don't mind paying the cost.

I just want to stop
playing all alone,
a voice in my ears
other than my own.

but no matter how I try,
it never seems to be;
it's not that you dislike multiplayer,
it's just...

Saturday, June 2, 2018

i tried

to wait for you
until you were ready,
to let you tell me
when it was time

and you'd do this
by speaking up,
you'd do this
by sending a line.

it didn't have to be pretty,
melodius or smooth
it didn't have to be apologetic,
hopeful, or kind.

it just had to be something
you said to me,
like, for example,

Friday, June 1, 2018

a relationship in three parts

one to be with
to talk and try
to be the victim
to play the game
to dance and fly

two to be held
to hold and warm
to faith and friend
to green and camp
through pain and mend
to hope not harm

three to ravage
to make what is wanted
to take what is due
to love when the lust
fades when it's time
to be forever
to me.

1 to have
2 to hold
3 to hurt