Saturday, April 7, 2018


a smile that reassures,
a grin that teases,
a laugh that never feels at,
and eyes that light up,

a lip prone to biting,
a tongue as sharp as wit,
a thirst to know the reasons,
and hows and whys, why nots,

long hair for covering your face,
hair for brushing off your neck,
long hair there to play with,
and tickles when we spoon,

a sharp nose for finding trouble,
a chin that points the way,
a neck made for kissing,
and a head with sense and play,

a mind that wonders why not,
a mind that always dreams,
a mind that's still growing,
and can patch my rougher seams,

eyes that like the dark,
eyes unhampered by the fog,
eyes with their own light
and keep me fighting on,

fingers good at knots,
arms that carry me home,
not afraid to have a crutch,
and leave me hanging alone,

limbs that hold on tight,
legs that can keep up,
hips that can slow down,
and meander round your...

but most of all you're there,
not a ghost in my sleep,
you're real and alive and here,
and I'm yours to keep.

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