Monday, April 2, 2018


my friends told me
one day I'll feel it too,
but till then I
feel broken in two:
my heart of logic
which knows we're through,
my of emotion
pressing the undo.

and then there's me.
alone and no prospects,
and friends' broken promises.
happiness mine alone to pursue,
but nobody lookin' helpin' me through,
shovin' in my face
"accidental mistake"
of the fortune for you.

short on friends and no one lookin'
to increase our for hookin'
up in the heart
or up in the trees
or up in just part
in shootin' the breeze.

my friends told me
they'd help see it through,
set me up with singles
that they know too.
if I had a dolla'
for every who said and didn't,
I'd afford the nicest restaurant I knew.

Italicized text credit: Happier by Ed Sheeran

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