Monday, April 30, 2018


thirty days hath April,
but why stop it there,
a poem a day
keeps low stats at bay...
do you want me to keep going here?

Sunday, April 29, 2018


when comes the fall,
trees too cry,
kingdoms tumble,
and what can, flies.

when comes the close,
green turns to ash,
lakes dry up,
and procrasts crash.

when comes the turn,
gear left behind,
bare handed we stand...
unarmed, not I.

Network Risk Management essay

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” - Hanlon’s Razor

Network security is an inherent problem to any connected web of computers, and recent developments have shown that even truly isolated computers—those not present on any network—can still be compromised. It is therefor vital that any and all electronic devices, isolated or networked, be subject to some degree of risk management.

Risk management in itself is a straightforward concept. All actions performed will result in an outcome; the likelihood of that outcome having negative consequences is the risk one takes performing such an action. As risk increases, the likelihood of malicious activity also increases. It’s almost inevitable for some risk to exist when working with and around computers, but steps can be taken to mitigate both risk and malicious fallout.

Isolated or air-gapped devices are of little use to most of the world. While “air gapping,” or removing all external inputs and outputs to the device is almost an impenetrable defense, the system can still be compromised. As documented by Mr Greenburg, “If an attacker can plant malware on one of those [air-gapped] systems… every blink of its hard drive LED indicator can spill sensitive information to any spy with a line of sight to the target computer[.]” The methodology uses a fast-blinking LED indicator light, that is often found to be blinking in normal computer usage as the device reads and writes memory, to transmit data. This technique has one simple flaw: the attackers must first initiate a toe-hold in the device.

Phishing and other scams are another key vulnerability to any system or network. These prey on a different aspect of the same vulnerability as the one Mr Greenburg documents: fallibility of humans. A simple header on an email that looks like it comes from someone in a position of power, their bank or a government agency, something that evokes an emotional response, and that changes how the person subjected to the attack responds. As Hitler knew well, “It is always more difficult to fight against faith than knowledge.”

Aside from isolation, Education is really the only defense against attacks that play on the emotions of someone who has access to your network.

These are just a couple reason why personnel management is a primary factor in risk management. Education and documentation is key to loss prevention. Users, meaning anyone who has access to or interacts with the system, including technicians and loss prevention personnel, need to be aware of the risks their actions pose and the costs of fixing the problems that arise from irresponsible or unintentional choices.

There will always be the malicious flaws in any system or network. People will always try to circumvent rules, fall prey to scams, and/or try to scam others. There will always be a better virus designed to latch into unpatched weaknesses in firewalls and operating systems. But all of these things need one thing to get started: someone on the inside who behaves less like a respectful guest who is “borrowing” access and more like someone who feels like they deserve what they can take.



Greenberg, Andy. “Malware Lets a Drone Steal Data by Watching a Computer's Blinking LED.” Wired, Conde Nast, 1 Feb. 2018,

Saturday, April 28, 2018


if I err as human,
the fault falls on me,
but you've made reckless choices:
vaulting over the party

and knocked someone
else down a ravine.
I refuse to disarm,
and only do I bleed.

before you get upset
that I'm backed into a wall,
remember you attacked.
I just refused to fall.

Friday, April 27, 2018


hidden in the lines
a secret kept so well,
a secret never found
because it's hidden so well.

so many unseen references,
so many unheard tales,
so many silent promises,
unbroken without fail.

but they're still on the stage,
not completely gone from view,
turn on the spotlight
and learn something you never knew.

Thursday, April 26, 2018


six little chickies all in a row,
one steps up to say hello,
kindness pools at its feet,
turning gibberish into poetry.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


maybe the reason
I feel like I've left something behind,
misplaced part of my kit,
forgotten to bring along,
something... something...

maybe the reason
I feel like I don't have everything that I need,
everything to survive the day,
everything... everything...

maybe the reason
I feel like something is missing...

is because
somewhere else
someone else
has forgotten

Monday, April 23, 2018


take me outside and ask if I'm in,
in for the run and in for the win,
in for the disentanglement of the flow,
in for rebuilding all that I know.

take me outside and ask for my aid,
aid to the build and aid to the play,
aid for the picture, big and small,
aid for the vision that he's trying to install.

take me outside and offer his trust,
trust in my duties and trust in my plus,
trust in my give and trust in my take,
and trust in the differences I can make.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


easy instructions:
put your name on the line,
sign it and date it,
and show you read fine,

check the boxes
that do--not don't--apply,
type all instructions,
print or send to my

email address written
clearly on the card...
you're grown up adults;
it shouldn't be so hard.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


. ███ ███ ██ █    ████  █.
. ██ ███  ██ ████ ███ █ .
.  ██████.

Friday, April 20, 2018


when the going gets tough,
and the pay gets rough,
and the miles start counting,
and the checks start bouncing,

the tough get going,
get moving or get losing,
get leaving or get failing,
get swimming or get bailing,

know your options and follow the through,
not tied down is a blessing in truth.

you've got a starring business,
untapped market down south,
in a region where the off season
camps without crowds.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


a smile and a wave,
for that cute guy out for a walk,
strangely casual, strangely confident,
bounce in his step.

forget the dogs on the leash,
forget the bud in his ear,
see the grace in his stride,
and dream about being near.

but they never cross the street,
never climb out from the car,
never actually approach,
just keep watching from afar.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


make obscure references to popular fandoms
make popular references to obscure fandoms

if you mix those up, either
nobody will catch the reference
or it's already a meme

don't try to be first

stealth edit when possible

if it happens on reddit,
it stays on reddit

if it happens on reddit,
it stays on buzzfeed

autocorrect is funny

nobody cares about grammar

unless you're a nazi

all arguments dissolve
into memes

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


because I was too nice,
because I was too kind,
because I wasn't honest enough,
because I spoke my mind,

because I messaged first,
because I took too long to reply,
because I was introverted,
because I wasn't shy,

because our zodiacs conflicted,
because they matched too well,
because I didn't wait,
because you couldn't tell,

because I was too open,
because I was too closed,
bcuz I used txt spk,
because I was too composed,

because I have a ponytail,
because I have facial hair,
because I didn't tell you,
because I did share,

because I'm not "career driven,"
because I have expensive taste,
because you hated my top five,
because I'm a cheap date,

because I recommend a book,
because I liked the movie better,
because I work two jobs,
because I'm a pet sitter,

because I'll never know the reasons
that you decide I'm not worth your time,
because the dating world sucks
my only company is mine.

Monday, April 16, 2018


every number on every line,
made to dance and move in time,
made to submit to my flow,
my ebb, my magic, my woe.

every word on every line,
given by all, made to be mine,
every verdict, every choice,
all crying together with one voice.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


career and driven
two words I don't like,
to see together,
to hyphenate.

clean-driven, life-driven,
and true to happiness-
but moeny only buys
things I don't feel inside;
I just need to be self-sufficient.

working to the bone,
only true to my dice,
or when I'm sewing
and get my finger sliced.

but I'm not working for the ladder,
not working to upwards climb,
not working for pretentious titles,
not where I want to spend my time.

I want to live comfortably,
and it don't take money for me,
just time well-spent,
friends well-kept,
expenses and rent,
and my hobbies set me free.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


first cause to blame for me,
second for they'll never see,
third a whisper in the dark,
fourth and final lost my spark.

bring in help and what I see,
date change and last tell me,
but blame follows if I'm late,
as if it were my fault and fate.

keep copies of every little thing,
protected from blame you bring,
it's not just what you say to me,
but every piece of paper see.

Friday, April 13, 2018

From the Memories of Callidus Igni

You never forget your first.

I liked it when it was just me against the world. That was my favorite way to play.

Callidus stood warily among the trees. He thought quietly to himself, as if he were concerned even his innermost thoughts could disturb the world around him. He pulled the hood of his cloak higher over his head, pulled his head deeper into the shadows of the hood, and waited.

His task was simple: none shall pass.

Footsteps drew nearer to his position, and he closed his eyes. He separated the sounds of the wind through the branches, the rodents scurrying about, and the passage of those who didn't know these woods.

Callidus didn't know these woods himself, either, but he knew of woods. He knew of the peace and serenity they offered if you knew just how to ask. He knew of the ways to find passage through the underbrush when it seemed the most impassible. He knew that if he listened and were patient, he would come to know these woods too, just as he had the one back home, so many miles and memories distant.

But these approaching footsteps knew none of that. They broke their own trail, and in doing so, gave away their position to those who knew how to listen.

Callidus knew how to listen.

Even with his eyes closed, he knew when they spotted him, standing with his back to a tree, still and quiet. They crept closer, curious. That was a mistake, but hardly their first.

Callidus smiled and opened his eyes.



when the darkness tumbles
and shadows fall,
fear is rising,
and thunder calls,

creaking, moaning,
directionless sounds,
moving, sneaking,
by leaps and bounds.

it's always hiding,
just around the bend,
it's always lurking,
inside your head,

it's always watching,
where you haven't glanced
it's always there,
and it isn't chance.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


antagonizing teasing trouble,
trying to joke of what I do,
giving me a hard time for my hard work,
but I know they know:
there's value in what I do.

they give me rough because they know
I give it back just the same,
match them jib for jibe,
and never mind winning the game.

but if they knew how much I'd been hurting,
if they knew how much I try,
if they knew what a climb it's been,
they'd still be standing by my side.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


sixty and not a pallet more
and nary a pallet less,
and when you think they're square,
don't feel you need to guess.

they're labeled, marked, and weighed,
dimensionalized to the bone,
and when you think it's not precise,
I might just send you home.

From the Internal Narrative of Callidus Igni

The fights began once more, and I stepped into the light.

I slipped behind the caster and pulled out my own lantern, its ruddy light casting spare shadows around her. I nudged her original light-bearer, waving my hands dramatically, and he obediently shook the "wytchlight" a few times, then flicked it off.

Her voice grew wary as the light above her grew murky, and it quaked when I started to circle her. I stopped in front of her, and she lifted her eyes to the glow of the friar's lantern. Her voice continued rambling through the repetitive cast, but once she looked into the light, she was mine.

I glanced around furtively, and saw everyone else engaged. The two dryads countering our two satyrs seemed to be the only cards they'd held in reserve, which left me free to handle to caster and the pinnacle, unless... no, Umbo and Succus had their hands full. It was up to me.

My smile grew. I liked when it was just me against the world. That was my favorite way to play.

I took a step back, gesturing to the caster to keep pace with me, and after a look to and a nod from her storyteller, she stood up and followed me. I walked a half-circle around her and moved forward, so she was moving backward, and kept her moving backward until she collided with the pinnacle, who was kneeling on the ground, still focused on holding the spell.

They went down in a flail of limbs.

The caster stopped reciting, which was rather the point. The pinnacle dropped her focus too, and the circle was as good as fallen, all that remained was the matter of keeping it that way, keeping them from starting it back up again.

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Monday, April 9, 2018


and when it comes down to it,
the synopses of the extra wording
are moot. they don't matter.
nothing matters. nothing
continues to matter. the world
and the word as we once knew
is worthless. the effort we
engaged in to create something
worthwhile is wasted. and
the end arrives. there is nothing
left to do. nothing left to
regret. nothing left to hope
for. at that point, when we
have surpassed the timeline,
when the end of the world
exists in the past instead of
the future, nobody cares
that we built any of this.
and nobody notices
that instead of writing
something yesterday,
i redesigned a website.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


a smile that reassures,
a grin that teases,
a laugh that never feels at,
and eyes that light up,

a lip prone to biting,
a tongue as sharp as wit,
a thirst to know the reasons,
and hows and whys, why nots,

long hair for covering your face,
hair for brushing off your neck,
long hair there to play with,
and tickles when we spoon,

a sharp nose for finding trouble,
a chin that points the way,
a neck made for kissing,
and a head with sense and play,

a mind that wonders why not,
a mind that always dreams,
a mind that's still growing,
and can patch my rougher seams,

eyes that like the dark,
eyes unhampered by the fog,
eyes with their own light
and keep me fighting on,

fingers good at knots,
arms that carry me home,
not afraid to have a crutch,
and leave me hanging alone,

limbs that hold on tight,
legs that can keep up,
hips that can slow down,
and meander round your...

but most of all you're there,
not a ghost in my sleep,
you're real and alive and here,
and I'm yours to keep.

Friday, April 6, 2018


when you've got nothing better
and the pay is scraping by
boredom to sit and play,
entertainment hard to try

when your battery is winding down
and backups overheat,
nothing left to say,
and starting to fall asleep.

when you dream all of work,
while sitting in the chair,
paranoia setting in,
and it's feeling like a 'mare

when silence overcoming
because clock-out coming due,
but timeclock running backwards
...and you're eaten by a grue.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


lean back and listen,
crawl into the warm,
the warn, the earning,
the yearning, the tears,
the years, they glisten.

I don't remember
the sound of your voice,
the feeling of your smile,
the comfort of your touch.
only the smell of your hair,
purple and grape.

swing swing from the candelabra,
my heart caught in the tangles of...
find a way to carry on again.

I don't remember
why I didn't want to spend gas that day,
why I didn't bicycle,
why I didn't drive,
why I forgot the hill and the valley,
why I forgot the time.

swing swing from the candelabra,
my heart caught in the tangles of...
find a way to carry on again.

I don't remember
my depression before you,
my sorrow before you,
my pain before you.
I only remember
my ignorance of my loneliness.

swing swing from the candelabra,
my heart caught in the tangles of...
find a way to carry on again.

this sick strange darkness,
this inability to love someone else
with a whole heart,
because you...
because I can't stop missing you...
because I can't stop loving you...

Borrowed lines from "Swing Swing" by All American Rejects and "I Miss You" by Blink-182

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


stop trying to care.

be funny

don't be political

find your niche
or steal someone else's

don't commit

know where to farm

bury negative comments
or delete them
or both

don't let them know
your true self

don't share anything personal

don't be afraid
to abandon your account,
all your hard work,
all your perfect saves,
all your well-timed puns
for no other reason than
you thought up a better

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Mature Content

how much would I have
to pay you to see you wear

that? yes. you're kidding.
no. how much?

how much you got?
how much you want?

one hundred.
done. fine but--

and photograph it. double,
it doesn't get online.


why do you want pictures anyway?

Monday, April 2, 2018


my friends told me
one day I'll feel it too,
but till then I
feel broken in two:
my heart of logic
which knows we're through,
my of emotion
pressing the undo.

and then there's me.
alone and no prospects,
and friends' broken promises.
happiness mine alone to pursue,
but nobody lookin' helpin' me through,
shovin' in my face
"accidental mistake"
of the fortune for you.

short on friends and no one lookin'
to increase our for hookin'
up in the heart
or up in the trees
or up in just part
in shootin' the breeze.

my friends told me
they'd help see it through,
set me up with singles
that they know too.
if I had a dolla'
for every who said and didn't,
I'd afford the nicest restaurant I knew.

Italicized text credit: Happier by Ed Sheeran

Sunday, April 1, 2018


sitting quietly unseen,
interrupted rarely,
rarely excited,

attention paid.

not the vultures in the sky,
nor the tracks trampling below,
neither the beings in the darkness,
sneaking, scheming, seething.

merely a suspicious