Friday, February 23, 2018

Everything is Nothing

it takes two to tango--
--but you're not trying to find tango, are ya
 - Joshamee Gibbs

falling on times of thought,
when the wrold's broken more than it's not,
when the walls fall and shatter and mold
and wonder when you got so old

when the politicians never yelled so loud,
and they stopped obeying the crowd;
take the pedal off of the brakes
and wonder why it feels so fake.

love songs mushing on the radio,
youtube spilling songs I know,
silence filling my bed at night
personal rainstorm to feel alright

and dreams that bring comfort,
and dreams that bring arms
and dreams that bring belonging
and bring back hearts and stars

and work tumbling down the stairs,
holding patience in humming lairs,
brain tick tick ticking to sort it best
until my finger need a rest...

but still that silence,
still that hole,
still that wish
that takes its toll.

still the pain pulling me deep,
wanting someone to guard the keep,
wanting dragons to stop my fall
and hold me when I'm feeling small.