Monday, January 8, 2018

At What Price

dip in your little toe,
to test the water's mete,
or dive in reckless
and find darkness deep?

what stirs 'round the bend,
what lingers beyond your sight,
what raises hairs on end
and sends shudders in the night,...

what boneless wonders
wander through the field?
how harsh the truth becomes
when bidden unconcealed.

do you sneak up behind it,
while sneaking up on you?
do you confront it boldly,
shine light on secrets true?

do you jump in head first,
nary a fear it eats you whole?
or hide from the fear,
lest it take your soul?

Written for Succus, who hates mystery with a passion so reckless that she lets nothing stop her from discovering the truth, not even the fear of discovering her own mortality.

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