Sunday, December 17, 2017

Seven and a Third

how many times do I have to go through,
how often do I have to feel sick,
caught in place like I'm barely alive,
struggle to get out of this state.

count in my head, rhyming abused,
stuck turning that same old trick,
trapped as alone as a poisonous slive,
and feeling like I deserve the fate.



tomorrow promises little new,
trying to make hope by rubbing two sticks,
wanting more than just being alive...
we're all running out of time.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


in the darkness there is a spark
in the spark there is a hope,
in the hope is a question,
and it's calling me home.

in the darkness is a fire,
in the fire is a rage,
in the rage is regret,
and it's making me alone.

in the darkness is a burning,
in the burning is a yearning,
in the yearning is a question,
and the question is which way?

in the darkness is no direction,
no route and no protection,
no guide and no deflection,
no spark, no heart, all alone,
just rage and hate and fury,
distaste and fear and yearning,
pain and ache and burning,
regret and loss and churning...
and I'm not coming