Monday, November 20, 2017

Time Rich, Cash Poor

You don't have what you need. I saw you, walking up the road and searching, hoping someone would see that you've stumbled. It's not fair; life's not fair. You worked so hard, did what you had to do to get out from under certain thumbs, but now... now... when everything should have been paid off and should have paid off, it didn't.

But for me, it did.

Our lives are a struggle, between freedom and wealth. We just can't seem to find the break that gives us both; you and me. I'm in a lucky place where I enjoy the work and get paid well for it, but time is not something I have much of. You're at the other end. You just got free from your obligations, still waiting for them to pay off, but until that payday comes, you have too much time and not enough money.

Who could help but wish for more?

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