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From the Internal Narrative of Callidus Igni

 "Hold on a sec."

Breen and I paused in our tracks while Mendax left the trail and strode over to a large fallen branch. With a few certain stomps, she broke off a five-foot length, before twirling it in her hands a few times.

"That'll do," she murmured, rejoining us on the trail.

Breen and I shared a look, I shrugged,she nodded, and we continued down the trail, Mendax peeling off bits of bark as we did.


I shook Breen's shoulder and pointed out some rustling ahead of us while Mendax was distracted with her stick. Breen smiled and patted my hand.

"So, what was your original plan for tonight?"

Mendax stopped suddenly. "Oh, it was going to be great! --Well, maybe not for you, my dear, sorry. We were going to see your counterpart about a problem she was having, unusually heavy skirmishes on the border between your territories. There were going to be some riddles to prove their worth, harried sparring by unidentified fae cast to get to the front line... and when they finally get there... oh, it was going to be a wonderful headache! Then, of course, you came along--"

"Sorry about that."

"No, not at all. If I can't adjust to the unplanned and unexpected, I shouldn't be a storyteller. No, I'll just hang onto it and use it another night."

"What if you could play it yourself?"

"Oh, that would be amazing! Totally feasible too: the riddles? I didn't write them; left all that to the NPCs. I've got an envelope of the answers, naturally, just in case," she fished it out and looked at it wistfully, "but we're nowhere near equipped or in the right... wait--"

Breen snatched the envelope from her fingertips, a grin dancing over her face.


Breen's brow dropped, worried.

"Oh, this is so cool! You guys are the best!" Mendax let go of the stick and leapt forward, surprising Breen with a hug. "--Oh, sorry, Um, are you going to supervise, since, you know..."

"Or," I stepped up, "You could revive Nevaris, and be your old self for a few hours."

Mendax's jaw dropped. "That's a great idea! The three of us in a party together. --Please Breen? Pretty please?"

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