Saturday, May 6, 2017

Untitled (6 May 2017)

I woke in darkness.


There's an etheral quality to knwoing you''re alone. Knowing that there's nobody watching, nobody listening, nobody just around the bend waiting to intrude on your insanity. I was completely alone.

Well, not quite.

I was indeed alone, but the world wasn't empty. No, the world slept, waiting for a day to awake from the violent technological apocalypse and dawn into a new age.

It was small handfuls at first: the risk takers who had nothing to lose with illegal and experimental technology, and then the ungodly rich who could invest in every safeguard known to man. And then the still awake got richer, the technology got safer and cheaper, and soon a quarter of the population was leapfrogging through time. They wanted to see the future.

It made the patenters rich, and their riches made them greedy. They bid it all on the day the masters awoke, threw every remaining dime into compounding interest accounts, and dove eagerly into their own stasis pods.

Several generations vanished in a single year.

But too many people went under. The economy collapsed. Food cost more than a one way ticket to tomorrow, and the poor crammed themselves into every last pod, disregarding all those extensive safety measures just for a chance to live into the new dawn of civilization.

Most of them won't make it. They knew it. I knew it. But hope can be a terrible thing.


I want to say stasis failure is an uncommon thing, but it's not. I want to say I don't feel the loneliness, but I do. I want to say I'm grateful I woke, rather than just rotting, but as time passes...

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