Friday, May 12, 2017

DCN: Dungeon Crawl Narrative - D001-1-2a

Start Here

Pull out a spare torch and light it.

With the rediscovery of light, you find yourself in a storeroom, the center loaded with boxes, barrels and sacks. If you take the time and effort to go through them, you'll find foodstuffs long past rotted, gear long past rusted through and useless, coins too pitted out to tell their value, and water and wine spoiled and rank.

You can see a door in the middle of the south wall and an open archway in the east wall. Beyond that, this room holds no secrets, no threat, and no profit.

If you have an injured party member, this room makes an ideal place for them to rest and wait for you to find another way out. Though the room is barren of supplies, you can still use the sacks, boxes, and barrels to make them comfortable, and some defensive barriers just in case something or someone should come up on them while you're away.

South door - OR - East archway

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