Monday, February 6, 2017

From the Internal Narrative of Callidus Igni

"Welcome to Spiritus Nocte, your party for this week's adventure. I'll be your storyteller, Secondus. Shall we start with a round of introductions?"

"Sure. I'm Laetatio, and this is my boyfriend, Libita. We're satyrs, young and in love. And always, always ready to party." He slurred his words a little, mildly inebriated.

"I'm Succus, unaligned Fae, and this is my overprotective, overzealous older brother and Winter-aligned fetch, Umbo."

I grunted as they turned to look at me, bright-eyed and bushy-winged. "Callidus Igni. Wisp."

Succus let out a small gasp, and danced closer to me, her lithe hand reaching up to pull back my hood. I caught her wrist at the same time Umbo clenched her shoulder.

"Brother, You're hurting me," she whimpered. His fingers stayed knuckled white, and I released her as she was pulled back under his wing.

"Calm down now. There's enough trouble to go around, and you're going to need your strength for what lies ahead. You three, begin your journey." Secondus gestured down the path into the dark woods beside him. "Umbo, Igni, and I will be close behind."

The satyrs cast rudimentary lighting spells, summoning lanterns that glowed with a blinding blue tinge. They bookended Succus and skipped into the gathered shadows.

"Relax, Umbo, they're not going to get too far ahead. Just enugh to keep ourselves from being blinded. Igni?"

I knelt, rubbing my hands together and activated a murky red glow from the bottom of my robe, illuminating the ground around my feet. As I stood, I murmured, "the blood of mine enemies shall guide my steps."

"Wonderful. I forget what a delightful person you are to be around. Lead the way."

I growled lightly and set a pace that would allow them time to chat and still see the road. My eyes, on the other hand, were nearly as good as I claimed, and the sky shone bright enough for my liking.

"Umbo, I know how you feel about your sister, but you're going to need to back off tonight. She needs to show her own strengths to save her from her weaknesses, or she won't survive the week. Igni is a good man, strange in his ways, but good. If you can't trust him, trust in me and my trust of him."

Umbo grunted.

"Good man. Now, enough tallying. It's time to start our story. Igni, hit it." He slapped my shoulder.

I pressed a button, and the world went black. A few seconds later, the wailing began.

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