Sunday, January 15, 2017


Don't be mistaken. I'm no 'hat, and barely worthy of the title. Sure, I know things, but I don't have the bandwidth to go toe to toe with the blacks or the whites. Because, underneath it all, I'm not technically a hacker.

I could probably throw in with either side if I was so inclined, if I had the wherewithal to learn a bit of code, get my fingers truly dancing across the keys, but there's enough of those already in the world, and few enough of me.

My name is Ikt. It's like ick, synonymous to yuck and eww, but it's got the glottal stop at the end. Ikt. If you don't feel like you have to clear your throat at the end, you're saying it wrong.

I'm a spider. I've got my fingers in a lot of pies, and I dance across the web using other people's services, black, white and somewhere in between. I'm the guy who uses an RSS feed to automate his house and an RNG to write music. I could use something more comprehensive and complicated, but why mess with what works.

It's minimal points of failure, massive redundancy, and security through obsolesce all rolled into one. I'm harder to hack because all it looks like is the daily weather forecast, but it's the key to my home security system. It looks like the Silk Road, but it's really my music archives. It looks like a Lego tower built out of K'nex but it's really my digital toolbox, kitted and fitted to the nines. It looks like all the decorative artwork worth pennies of your time, not worth lifting and taking to the corner fence, but it's money and wealth and weapons, everything I need for anything from a romantic getaway in Venice to a HALO on a Lakota reservation.