Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rough Translation: Inside

let's get trapped together
in a box that holds the world,
clichély bigger on the inside
where our flags are unfurled.

si'lou'mo si'wig'mo ea'ith
wig'mo tu'hab'mo mot'ith
sip'ity mot'il ea'ith
tu'waf'mo waf'mo

let's get trapped together
on a raft that never sinks,
in an ocean with no tides,
with a creature that never blinks.

si'lou'mo si'wig'mo ea'ith
tu'fej'bo pos'mo
fet'il mot'ish
tu'sker'bo beun'mo

let's get trapped together,
burdened down by own dreams...
let's unlock the world together
and discover what it means.

si'lou'mo si'wig'mo ea'ith
si'dev'mo kog'mo
si'lou'mo si'hap'fe mot'ith ea'ith
si'kons'fe beun'mo

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