Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nonessential Personnel (Sara, 1)

Sara pulled on her hoodie as she stopped for a breather on the parkway path. It was always lightly too chilly inside the sustained shade of the overlapping branches, despite the rising wave of humidity that always came to meet her there too. Her morning jog took her through the ever darkened woods that most people avoided, and this time was no different. She had the pavement to herself.

Sara liked running alone, where it was so much easier just to focus on herself and not worry about comparing herself to others. She got enough of that at work, which was the only reason she kept jogging instead of stopping to examine the beauty of the park around her.

She was a paper-pusher for an obscure bureaucratic office, and only because she never missed a day in eight years did they not realize that the office would do just fine without her. As long as they kept paying her, she was willing to while her time away, breathing artificially over-cooled air, and thinking green thoughts.

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