Sunday, June 21, 2015

Skint Broke on Purpose

1You could say I've got it all figured out, and if you did, you'd be right.

I'm still working on the problem of when it happened, why is irrelevant, and how is the billion-dollar question. Of course, if I come up with the how I won't be selling it; no, I'll give it away.

I've always lived below the poverty level. I was a bachelor with simple tastes, so I wasn't willing to work hard for money I didn't need. One morning I woke up, and not just in the sense of no longer sleeping. Rather, the world had become clear to me, like the filter had washed from my retinas.

When I walked outside, every horndog with a hotrod was drooling into their socks, and inside of ten minutes I knew what had happened. My choice was made for me: I packed up my bug-out bag and my bicycle, and, avoiding the paths of everybody who could afford a car, I set off into homelessness.

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