Tuesday, June 2, 2015


1You die and in this version of the afterlife all your previous (sexual) partners get to confront you...and each other. How does that turn out?

2All of my exes finally get to meet my first. My first is happy to see me, and not at all judgmental of the few people who greet her, or the variety of their genders.

3What kind of room would you be in?

4A small, one-room, non-denominational chapel.

Real wood surfaces everywhere, an inscription of an ash tree where the cross would normally be, and above it is a large circular window with a stained-glass pattern of the layout of the earth's continents. No more than a dozen rows of pews in two columns. Through the windows on the side walls you can see heavy forest with no civilisation in sight, and through the stained glass on the front wall is a large trunk, rising out of sight, its branches overhanging the chapel.

There is a few steps up of a platform or stage before the tree, but no altar or podium.

I arrive by finding myself walking through the doors at the rear of the chapel; they're simply made and unadorned, not much over six feet at their peak and barely four feet wide. My past lovers, aside from my first, are seated in the first two rows of pews, most of them chatting, while my first lover is on the stage, leaning against the tree.

The door doesn't squeak, but when it thuds softly closed behind me, they turn and look at me, stop talking, and wait.

I walk up the center aisle, wrap my arms around my first, smelling her grape scented hair, and whisper into her ear "I'm sorry."

She hugs me back. "It wasn't your fault."

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