Monday, April 13, 2015

Relief (Lizard, Part 5)

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He woke in darkness, cushioned by musky pads and pillows, and covered by an old blanket, he could tell from it's touch and smell alone. Lizard crept around the room on his hands and knees, searching for the door. Instead, he found a body laying warm and sleeping in one corner, curled up tightly.

Lizard reached out to gently shake Tre's shoulder, only to find it being grasped tightly.

"It's me; you brought me here, last night. Remember?"

The hand felt up his arm and cupped his face, before retracting.

"How do I get out?"

Tre grabbed the hand again, this time more gently, and together they stood, walked around the perimeter to a wall that felt the same as the others to Lizard. He reached up, and the door swung open on silent hinges. Dim light shone in and Lizard could see a strap hanging from the top of the door in Tre's hand. Together they stepped out into the hall.


Tre shook his head, leading the way to the next room down the hall to the right, which proved to be an observation room to their padded sleeping cell. The floor and walls were once a white tile, now stained with rust and misuse. Along the shared wall were stacks of canned food, and opposite were their empty cousins in smaller supply. He picked up two, passing one to Lizard, and mimed his intentions.

"And then?"

Tre led Lizard back to the hole in the wall covered by police tape, and pointed to a side-passage they'd disdained on the way in.

"Why not just--"

Tre waggled a finger in his face before he could continue, padded his pockets for a moment, and then pulled out a little card that simply and clearly read "No."

Lizard shrugged and nodded acceptance.

Tre emphatically walked over to the hole and stood in front of it, his back to Lizard and waited.

Lizard crept back a ways and did his business, very uncomfortable peeing into the can, but shortly his aching bladder overwhelmed his frazzled nerves. When his was done, he tapped Tre's shoulder, and followed his back into the sewers.

Two turns down, and Tre poured his own can down a drainpipe, before rinsing it out with clear-flowing water coming down from above them. Lizard followed suit, and then they marched back to the hospital.

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