Saturday, April 18, 2015

Halker/Stacker, 5

Mature Content

The driver was rough with the car, turning it sharply, and accelerating and decelerating hard. Felicia could feel her stomach roiling with the violence, encouraged by the darkness beneath the hood that was pulled over her head shortly after leaving the school parking lot.

She'd gone hungry enough times that she could usually keep herself from retching and wasting food that was bad enough going down the first time that she had no desire to taste it coming back up, but it was easier to do when she was sitting mostly still. Felicia managed, but barely.

Tara was shaking, helped only slightly by her sister's comforting hold, not so different than late nights spent in abandoned tenements during early spring or late autumn. She closed her eyes and pictured herself elsewhere, imagining a roller coaster to compensate for the jumping and jostling of the vehicle. She let herself sink into the false memory of... Continue reading on DreamCruder

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