Wednesday, April 15, 2015


darkness and dripping, but no humid breaths
lungs too dry and heart pound-in(g) chest,
silence and slipping, feeling my way,
this cavern(o)us encroaching shortage of days;

blockage behind, fallen and still,
tunnel deadending despite driving will;
wall tumbled, fallen, mortared with silt,
can't scramble past so turn-around-tilt'd

false turn that never been dug?
dropped down cave-in(g) ceiling unstuck?
walls weakened mining cross-aligned holes?
scree slipped and sliding? sole boulder soul?

can't dig with hands, no tools on the way,
too much darkness--unknown nearing day;
whatever's got me locked in is suffocating-secure...
history lacking words of what I've had to endure.

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