Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Halker/Stacker, 2

Mature Content
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Antenor and Associates. Imposition to Impost; Impossible isn't in our dictionary.

If we ever had an office, I figured I would find somewhere to custom-print a dictionary that was missing a few choice words. Not that A&A needed an office, because there are some things nobody wants to discuss face-to-face, and the internet was my alibi.

The best way to describe my job would be to call me a liaison. I connected people who needed services with those who provided them, and provided a certain degree of security for each. I wouldn't say I performed any laundry, but my clients tended to use cash where my associates used bits, and both gained a small degree of cleanliness when they passed through my hands.

My phone beeped again when my girls were coming in for third period, and found themselves having a run-in with a gym teacher. I wouldn't say I kept tabs on all of the school faculty, but there are some that definitely deserve it. There were rumors floating through the school mill that... Continue reading on DreamCruder

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