Friday, January 16, 2015

I Just Gestured To All of Me

fly like the wind and roar like the earth, 
jump without falling and miss hitting dirt, 
make yourself into more and leave so much less 
and stop being convinced you're not worth the rest. 

I'm falling, I'm diving, I'm out of control... 
my mind's blacked-out and my psyche has holes; 
I'm flailing, I'm breaking, I'm giving up fast... 
my strength is fading and I'm ready to crash. 

idiots keep trying the same thing 
and keep expecting something different to be; 
I keep trying different things, 
endlessly wishing for one simple dream:  

I want to stop falling, stop failing, stop worrying, 
stop hating what I know tomorrow will bring; 
the depression, the pain, the darkness I see... 
but most of all: the being me.

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