Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Easy Way (Out)

I slept on a thin, narrow mattress. A too light blanket covered my body, and I pulled it tightly around me. Despite the feverish temperature in the room, I still felt cold.

Every quarter hour through the night, I would be startled into wakefulness by the light of the hall glaring in onto my pillow. It reminded me of the moon, which I hadn't had opportunity to see in days, but less reassuring.

They took me in because I wanted to hurt myself, and they didn't want me to hurt myself.

With all the advances of medical science, natural selection has to find some recourse for its workings. Why not turn from the usual method of physical determination of strength to that of mental fortitude? Why work to divest mortals of their strength and destroy them with thine own, when thee could merely torment their souls with knowledge, and let that knowledge and wisdom that they work so hard to achieve rot their brains instead of redeem them?

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