Monday, October 6, 2014

S^4, Character: Charlemagne

Charlemagne didn't like new people. He actually didn't like any people at all, but held his dislike especially true for new people. He worked as the Lead Cart Shepard at the Sundae Special Shopping Center, and that suited him just fine.

It was funny, calling him the "Lead" Cart Shepard when he was the only Cart Shepard employed by the Sundae Special Shopping Center, but he didn't feel disillusioned by the unnecessary word. He knew what he was, under-appreciated and over-needed, a mere cart-pusher all the same.

To be honest, he frightened the patrons of the shopping center, but he was so good at his job, despite his appearance, strange behaviors, and absolute refusal to follow the dresscode, management left him be.

Charlemagne wore his long hair dyed black and brushed forward, obscuring most of his face and his ears which were weighed down by heavy metal studs. He always wore black, cargo pants and long-sleeved shirts, regardless of the weather. He wore a large silver gothic cross around his neck, which served as the only reflection for cars easing out of the parking lot as night.

Regular patrons learned quickly to be cautious of him. Close calls when backing out of parking spaces were met, first with a heavy fist thumping the back of their car in warning, and later with cart dings and scratches. Charlemagne was never prosecuted for the damages, as the carts could be tracked on security cameras, rolling sedately toward the victims of their own accord.

It was said the carts were haunted.

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