Monday, May 26, 2014

Dream: 26 May 2014

After we crossed into the fields close to the memorial, the dome umbrella refuge to fall down again. Only our kindness to Schindler (the ghost of the dog) saved us, and he held the blue slaves away from us. His power so limited, there was little more he could do, until we discovered his cabinet would block the signals. We asked him to teleport their leader into the next cell in the series, after the cabinet, and shortly we heard banging from the inside of the drum that was precariously balanced beside us. The army immediately fell silent, but with Schindler's energy exhausted, we were no longer protected upon his hilltop, and shortly found by others who disbelieve our reasons for being there. They unbalanced the drum, and it rolled quite a ways down the hill before fetching up against the fences around the memorial, at which point it was opened, and the dead body of the leader was found.

She proposed to me, and we're now out on our honeymoon. I'm taking a moment to write this down while she fills up the gas tank on her green motorcycle.

The female character in this dream looked physically similar to Zoe Saldana, but was neither identical, nor a manifestation of the actress herself.

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