Thursday, April 24, 2014

HIH Essay for HERB-101 (Mature)

Mature Content

The following was submitted as a homework essay for Herbology 101.

This piece is intended for fun and humor, and is a work of fiction intentionally written to appear as real documentation of a personal experience. Experiment with drugs at your own risk.

For personal experimentation in regards to oneirology and oneiromancy, a tincture of mandrake roots was recommended to me by a muggle colleague, who, like myself, had experimented widely with dreaming aids, though limited to non-magical ones until now.

I dressed carefully for the extraction, but unfortunately, my colleague was less cautious, dismissing my concerns that the plant may have an adverse reaction to our trial. My earmuffs and gloves protected me from the strength of the mandrake's scream, though my colleague was not so lucky. Fortunate for us both, however, that the plant was not as fully grown as he had determined, and his injury was limited to unconsciousness and a brief coma. I acquired the cutting necessary for my tincture and re-potted the plant quickly before turning my attention to his state, but he appeared in no more danger of expiring than from our previous, non-magical experimentation.

Upon waking, he attests to remembering no dreams, though claims to have had the best sleep in weeks, untroubled by nightmares which are too common of a problem among oneironauts. Since the incident, he has declined experimenting with the tincture, and has dropped off the radar now for some time.

I myself, after heavily diluting it, did indulge, but found it to produce only as vivid of dreams as 10mg of melatonin, albeit without the headache side-effect. I will need to conduct further research before trying again.