Monday, March 3, 2014

Damn Your Feelings

you're trying to set me off,
for reasons I don't get;
you're trying to send me out,
I'm trying not to let.

I'm the hardest worker here,
and you don't seem to give a damn;
I give everything, all day,
but you think I'm a sham.

I've given no reason to doubt,
I've given no resistance or threat,
I've given no outward objection,
yet you act like my hands are red.

you've disliked me from day one,
is it just something in my face?
I've never done good enough,
no matter where my place.

some people just don't like me...
maybe it's fear
of something I could do,
the faces that I wear.

some people just can't stand me...
it's nothing that I do,
they just get these feelings
(damn you all your feelings)
like I'm some kind of grue.

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