Tuesday, January 21, 2014


what you call for the culling
I call for the fire
what you call for the dying
I call to go higher
what you call for the grave
I call to the water
what you call and repave
I bring to my maker

the world is tumbling
but it won't go away
the world is wanting
but I won't let you stay
the world is wishing
but I can't break my fate
the world is fading
but I can't clean my plate

what you call for the culling,
what you call to the grave,
I call the promised
and your biggest mistake.

you see not their hearts,
just deep in their minds;
I see what they could be,
what chances they'll find.

what you call for the dying,
what you call and repave,
I dig up the dirt
and refuse to behave.

you see just their tails,
not the head of their coin;
I see momentum,
the knife yet poised.

the world is tumbling,
and you set it aspin,
you keep all the cards
and won't let us win.
the world is wishing,
and you hung the moon;
but I found the stars
and they'll join me soon.

the world is wanting,
and you took the key,
locked all the doors
and won't set them free.
the world is fading,
you're backed to a cliff;
I taught them to fly;
you just have to...

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