Friday, January 17, 2014

History of Worlds' End, 2340 ed. Vol W

Ande Wedemon, in the early twenty-first century, was the first to predict the Rutherford Apocalypse, in his book, "The Cycle of Time." It was his most successful publication released during his lifetime, and his only non-fictional book on the subject. He completed the work shortly before his death in 2046. The idea didn't gain a significant following until the 2330s, but only the most dedicated believers attributed the concept to him.

If you can muddle through his dubious mathematics, one discovers the claim is based on archaic "military time" turning over to a new day at 2359. This clock was retired in the 2150s with the global adoption of decimal time.

In the final chapters, Wedemon admits disbelief in a world-wide catastrophe, saying "2359 marks the end of an era, and 2400--or rather 0000--the beginning of a new one. This is the true meaning of Revelations: the turning and renewal of a cycle... There may be no rain of locusts; I certainly don't expect one.

Aside from "The Cycle of Time," Wedemon is known for his contribution to the world of poetry. Despite free verse being the prevalent style during his lifetime, his dedication to modernized rhyming verse contributed to the rebirth of its popularity in the middle to late twenty-first century.

We he passed in 2046, all of his work was released into the public domain, in accordance with his extensive support of Creative Commons and as written in his final will and testament. He left behind no heirs.

This is a brief fictional piece that may serve as a chapter preface to a larger story if I ever figure out what I want to do with it or conceive of any additional passages from the "History of Worlds' End" encyclopedia.

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