Tuesday, December 31, 2013


you're almost nearly my type:
you surely like to flirt,
we share music taste and attitude,
we hate standing so inert.

you're just my type in form:
thin and short and cute...
if only you weren't straight
I'd keep my warnings mute.

we work well together---
independent or hand-in-hand,
double-teaming the job
so all gets done as planned.

we even have the banter,
making hours fly on by...
if only you weren't straight
I'd give us a try.

I wonder if you think
sex is high on the list,
if THAT's what turns you off
(not giving a guy a kiss);

I'd assure you you're mistaken,
nothing's further from my mind...
if only you weren't taken,
I'd show you what you'd find.

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